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12 April 2010 @ 02:51 am
Title: Lounge Act
Characters: America and Hong Kong with mentions of England and China.
Pairing: America/Hong Kong
Fandom: Hetalia
Warning: RATED M FOR MATURE BECAUSE, GOD, SEX. I'M SORRY IF IT SUCKS. SORRYYYY. Also, this is set in the 90s because i wanted to write a grunge fic and for some reason it just kind of turned into sex.
Summary: Hong Kong knows that he can't do something subtle because America, well, he was oblivious to subtlety and really didn't do subtle.

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11 April 2010 @ 10:01 pm
Title: It's Just War
Characters: Greece, some Japan. Heavy mentions of North Italy, Germany, and Turkey.
Pairing: None.
Fandom: Hetalia
Warning: Dark subject matter concerning the Holocaust. World War II. Greece introspection and his hardcore rage. Probably doing it wrong but whatever. Unedited, as always. Also, a month or two old. I finally now just typed it up.
Summary: Maybe if little baby Italy had ever known of Greece, had ever known what was done to him, then he would know that Greece... he couldn't be broken so easily.

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Title: Trouble Is A Friend
Characters: Main is America. Some Seychelles, mentions of France and Russia and Madagascar.
Pairing: Implied Russia/France, past Russia/America.
Fandom: Hetalia
Warning: Introspection, short, angst, unedited. What happened was I had this idea that maybe Russia is only dating America because he kinda looks like France (blonde hair, blue eyes). And so, that's what happened. And apparently Russia left America for France or something.
Summary: He doesn't think their relationship is a love sort of thing because how could you ever hurt someone you loved? Oh, that's a question everyone always asked. It was like asking the meaning of life. No one really knew, no one really had an answer.

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03 April 2010 @ 05:15 pm
Title: Revolution Calling
Characters: Mainly America with some Taiwan. Mentions of Vietnam, England, France, China... AND COMMUNISTS! AAAH!
Pairing: None.
Fandom: Hetalia
Warning: Vietnam War, so maybe some historical!fail. America's introspection on the war. Unedited. SONG AT THE END BECAUSE, FUCK, IT'S EPIC AND IDK IT MAKES ME THINK OF AMERICA AND HOW HE FEELS ABOUT THIS WAR SO SHHHH. It's also kinda dramatic because it's a part of a rock opera. BUT JUST IGNORE THAT. SHHH.
Summary: They could protest, they could be so against the government, the army, everything that they were doing because they had that right. That the Vietnamese, well, they wouldn't be allowed to do this because they weren't free and who, exactly, was fighting for their freedom? No one. And everyone deserved a chance.

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31 March 2010 @ 10:42 pm
Title: La Mer - Part Three
Characters: Seychelles (Chelle), Canada, mentions of America.
Pairing: Sort of Canada/Seychelles.
Fandom: Hetalia
Warning: AU. Fail teenager things, fail!fluff, unedited...
Summary: Matt can't help but wonder how they look in this moment, if they both look as tired as they felt, as if they look like a couple of teenagers who had just been driving all night without any real destination.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four [coming soon!]

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